03 July 2010

being followed.

bidding adieu.
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One of the things I love best about being Liam's Mommie is the often humorous constant barrage of interestingly unique comments and intriguing observations he springs on us regarding the world around him.

(Of course, the constant chatter and crazy questions is also one of the most exasperating aspects of being a parent, but I digress...)

Yesterday en route to school, Liam asked, "Mommie, why is the sun following us?"

This was one of those moments when I realized that no matter what answer I provided in return, it would indeed fail miserably at capturing the wonder and enchantment which filled his little mind.

Sometimes, a question is just perfect, all by itself.

"You know children are growing up when they start asking questions that have answers."

...John Plomp


  1. Mommie, why is the sun following us?
    A: Because it misses your shadow, when it's not here.

  2. To which Liam would undoubtedly respond, "Why?" ;-)