19 June 2010


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10:38 a.m. Just a few moments ago, my morning was interrupted by a couple of young fellows knocking on my door. The spokesman of the two introduced themselves as being from a Christian ministry something-or-other and said that with all the bad things happening in the world today, that they wanted to know if I believed that there was hope for the future? I kindly told them that they probably didn't want to hear my thoughts on the world situation. Well then, do you mind if I share with you some thoughts from the Bible? Actually, I do mind. They thanked me, wished me a good day, and left.

As is most often the case, I thought of just what I should have said after the fact:

"Hope for the future of the world rests upon the ability of humanity to learn tolerance, respectful understanding, and compassion towards the beliefs, cultures, challenges, pain and suffering in the lives of others..."

"Man partly is and wholly hopes to be."

...Robert Browning

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