21 January 2011


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I HATE mornings... mostly because I have a passionate love affair with sleep and parting from my bed is sweet sorrow indeed - especially if it's before 8 am and involves an alarm clock. (Ideally 10:00 but that's not an option when one is a parent of small children.)

You may be wondering, well what about heightened blissful arousal of morning sex? Pfft. Not a chance. Groping me in the early down hours will only assure a top spot on my shit list for the day as a reward for depriving me of the precious extra moments of sleep I could have had, that is if the opportunity should even present itself which is not likely considering that there is still a small person still sleeping in a toddler bed at the foot of our bed. (Yes, and he's four now and almost too big for his little bed. *sigh*)

The only exception to my dread and loathing of mornings is being on vacation - without children, which happens like almost never. But on those rare miraculous occasions, I have been known to spring forth liveliness and energy that is all but lost to my younger days, ready for adventure... What's up with that? --I don't understand how that works. Really, I don't. One of the great mysteries of the universe I suppose, but I would very much like to experiment more with this phenomenon.

Bella's middle school schedule this year is killing me. Her school starts at 07:30 which means getting up at 06:15 to get her ready for the bus which comes at 06:45, though I'm not sure why considering that she is the last stop and I can get there in less than five minutes by car, but she likes riding the school bus and it took no less than four IEP meetings with WCPSS to get a county transportation assistant assigned to her as WCPSS found it more cost-efficient to pay someone's salary rather than reimburse me for mileage... but whatever. Who am I to question sheer genius?

In any case, I love my daughter very much; that is not the issue. But getting up with her every morning has become the source of strife between Mommie and Daddy. Neither of us want to do it. Instead we lay in bed in between hitting the snooze button and argue over whose turn it is and why, prolonging the agony.

This morning:
Me: "Honey, would you please get up with Bell?"
Honey: "It's your turn."
Me: "But I take Liam to school every day."
Honey: "I put the kids to bed last night and you went out to your photo meet up. It's your turn."
Me: "I get up with Liam on the weekends."
Honey: *silence*
Me: "Please?"
Honey: "No." And he rolls over.
Me: "Fine. Then you can drive Liam to school today AND get up with him tomorrow."

Then I lay there pouting until the alarm goes off again and sling my body pillow atop my husband's head for spite as I begrudgingly leave the warm, cozy sanctity that is my bed.

The biggest problem I have with getting up at O.M.G.-thirty with Bella is that after I've been up and about wiping butt and brushing teeth and hiking up and down that steep-ass cliff we live on, I am unable to go back to sleep for the remaining hour or so that's left until it's my turn to get myself ready to start the day. And when I try, I inevitably will toss and turn and eventually fall asleep for about 15 minutes. Then wake up pissed off about it. So I may as well stay up; power naps do not work for me.

If I were smart and motivated enough, I might consider utilizing this morning hour to get in some much needed exercise or at the very least do some cleaning... alas I am not, so I usually end up making a cup of strong black coffee and journaling, blogging, or editing photos... and then I end up running late, because as you know, I'm a perfectionist and whatever doddle I have thrown myself into at this wretched time of day has to be seen to fruition.

And away we go...

When to soft Sleep we give ourselves away,
And in a dream as in a fairy bark
Drift on and on through the enchanted dark
To purple daybreak--little thought we pay
To that sweet bitter world we know by day.

...Thomas Bailey Aldrich, Sonnet - Sleep

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