31 January 2011

NHL AllStars.

Chara's record 105.9 shot!, originally uploaded by Luna Soledad.

Working next door to and banking with RBC Bank has it's advantages... Aside from the obvious convenience, we were fortunate enough to win two tickets to the 58th annual NHL AllStar SuperSkills competition and game this past weekend! Wow!

Let me just say that I have never ever won anything in my life, except maybe a scratch off McDonald's french fry or something. This is the main reason I do not play the lotto. No sense in wasting my money given my track record.

In any case, both Kevin and I were super stoked though we quickly realized that we couldn't possibly attend both events on such short notice without locking the children in the closet for at least one night... So, we chose the SuperSkills competition on Saturday as no doubt it would be the less crowded of the two events and to say I don't do well with massive crowds is a gross understatement. (No worries though, the game tickets were happily used by another well-deserving sports enthusiast.)

We arrived early, made a quick stop for fried pickle chips and beer and found our seats up in the nose-bleed level just above the stairwell and just behind the big glass wall with the hand rail obstructing our view. --Considering that RBC purchased the naming rights for the building and has it's logo smeared throughout, one would think the seats would have been a tad better, but who am I to look a gift horse in the mouth? I mean, they couldn't very well expect someone to actually pay $165.00 a piece for those seats could they? Free is good. I'll take free.

I was reasonably content with my fried pickles and beer until some overly-excited southern heifer (who clearly does not get out much) sat down directly behind me and quickly began yelling, screaming, and hollering wildly (in my ear!) at absolutely everything. And I do mean everything: from the mascots mock game to mere mention of the Carolina Hurricanes and/or any of their players - well before the competition began. And dear me, I thought she would surely pee her spandex when Nicholas Sparks' pre-recorded "Welcome to North Carolina" message came on the big screen. O.M.G.

And it wasn't so much all the obnoxious, inconsiderate, loud hooting and hollering that was so damn annoying... it was the murderously shrill, skull-spitting pitch which escaped her. Like a combination of a cat in heat, a goat being slaughtered, inhaling helium balloons, and nails on a chalk board. Fuck me! And some poor soul had to listen to that every day. I'd shoot myself.

Granted, after I bore holes through her cranium a few times while plugging my ears with my fingers, she kindly took it down a decibel or so but Geezuz! The noise of that woman is permanently burned into my inner audio library now. --Add that to the list of tortures in my personal hell please.

In any case, I managed to capture Boston Bruins' Zdeno Chara's record speed shot of 105.9 mph on video from our perch which was pretty darn cool. And yes, you can clearly hear the bleating of my seatmate in the background over the announcer and the crowds... (Mind you, by this point, I had already moved into a vacant corner seat one row up and 3 seats over.)

All in all, it was a fun experience and everyone lived. =)

bring it! =P, originally uploaded by Luna Soledad.

Yet, another perk of working next door to the bank. ;-)

"Ignorance and inconsideration are the two great causes of the ruin of mankind."

...John Tillotson

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