07 April 2010

the dark side.

¡No me joda!, originally uploaded by Luna Soledad.
Ya know, it's really, really hard to be completely honest and open with words when one is writing for an audience and without anonymity. There is an automatic censorship that occurs when you know that who's reading you knows that they are reading you.

For instance, if one is having a bad day, a shitty week, or is otherwise overcome with inner foulness, one may take to the blog with such tidbits as, "I'm not having a good day," "life sucks," "I want to run away," or "we're all going to hell in a hand basket and the right-wing conservative wackos are carrying the basket," that is if one cannot resist staying away from such internet communication until the funk safely passes.

But a journal - a private, secret, sacred journal - oh! One may divulge, in delicious sordid detail, such items as, "I hate my mother," "I wish I had more sex," or "I feel like going out in the woods somewhere and blowing my brains out"... 'Hypothetically' speaking of course.

(And poetry... ahh, poetry. Now that's another salacious story all together...)

Just for the record, this isn't my week.

"You will not be punished for your anger, you will be punished by your anger."


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  1. Glad to see the comment section open. Well, Yeah, It takes a lot to just come out and say I'm feeling like crap or... This just isn't my week. I do know what you mean.