07 August 2010

Beauty & the Beast, Jr.

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Today's family outing included a play: "Disney's Beauty and the Beast Junior" put on by a marvelous cast of young volunteer actors and actresses from the Towne Players of Garner at the Garner Historic Auditorium.

Though I had attended past productions, I had completely forgotten about this group. So glad I was reminded (Thanks Kim!)

Despite the uncontrollable excitement of our two little ones - Isabel who simply could not resist touching the poor lady in front of us and licking Liam's head throughout the entire performance and Liam who talked, yelled at Isabel, and was waving his light up "enchanted rose" in the air as though he were landing an aircraft - it was a great show.

I was especially impressed with the beautiful voice of Belle, played by aspiring vocalist and 2010 high school graduate, Arlie Honeycutt. I seriously thought she was lip syncing when she first began to sing; she was that good! I would not at all be surprised to see her name again one day as a new up and coming somebody.

But I have to say, all the young performers did an outstanding job. I enjoyed the show as much as the kids did, perhaps even more. =)

"We all know that the theater and every play that comes to Broadway have within themselves, like the human being, the seed of self-destruction and the certainty of death. The thing is to see how long the theater, the play, and the human being can last in spite of themselves."

...James Thurber

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